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Here is a chance to get some further
information about some of the Riders and Drivers here at World's End.


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paulWould you let this man into your office? Well, if you order a bike from us, then chances are that you will eventually meet Paul.

glenGlen is one of the mainstays of the four wheel Fleet. Currently running a Dual Fuel Van, he is a great admirer of Winston Churchill.

JonJon, our antipodian cycle courier. Although he comes from down under, he has never appeared in an Aussie soap... yet!

warrenWarren is probably the tallest cycle courier in london. This proves useful in delivering to first floor addresses

weccyWe are proud to introduce Weccy, a jovial little character that spends most of his time being photographed in the most unusual places.

Follow this link to see more of Weccy.


The second Mr Smith to join our ever expanding fleet, although he is no gourmond, he does have wall to wall carpet fitted in his topbox for maximun parcel comfort and style.

bertieBertie, our only four legged friend, has become highly skilled in the small stick retrival business.

richardAfter a brief appearance on Blue Peter, Richard is waiting to be featured on either Rogue Traders or Police, Camera, Stop.

rolandIf you are what you eat, then Phil is 47% Noodles, which helps make him a POT-TASTICK Van Driver.


timTim, well with looks like this, what more can we say.


poppyPoppy's slim figure enables him to slip between stationary traffic faster than a Hebridian Tweed Weaver, only cattle grids pose any problems for this experienced push biker.


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