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We’re made up of six core 'people' in the office:


Position: Everything and anything.

Tall, good looking leader of the pack. Hobbies include, film, theatre, literature, art, travel, motorbikes, wine, food, dancing, climbing, swimming, yoga, tai chi, karate, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, cycling, running, polo, skydiving, helicopters, helping little old ladies, any do gooding voluntary work, knitting, needlepoint.


Who: Bobby.Bobby
Position: Head of International Logistics and Business Development.

From baby bathwater to swords for a thousand men, bobby can help you get those crutial packages to anywhere in the world on time.

Position: Controlling and bookings.
After more years than is polite to mention, Matt has hung up his spurs to become the new Marshal in town, well, west London at least.

Who: Ishshah.isher 
Position: Controlling, taking bookings, sympathy and security.

Ishshah or Ish has many years experience in the industry, starting out as a cycle courier and working at all levels in some of London's biggest and best known courier and passenger car companies. In big demand in this male oriented industry, she decided to opt for working in Fulham in a more personalised company! If you’ve got a problem big or small, need a hug over the phone or just want to say hello, she’s your girl! Warning: Interests include Thai boxing!


Who: Bertie.Betie
Position: Guard Duties.

Company Guard dog, all intruders WILL be licked to death...

and the non people in the office are:

Who: 71.71

Position: I.T.Rescue.

If it comes with batteries, he's interested. If it flies, he's interested. If it has both, he's a very happy bunny.
Spends the rest of his time tinkering with the computers and web site.


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